Swine Flu !


Since last few weeks Pune has been hub of swine flu in India. Thanks to indian media, without this could have not been possible. Everyone residing in pune get call’s from there friends and relatives, if situation is really bad they should come at there place 😛

Creating awareness is one thing and creating hype is another. Media did gr8 job in creating awareness regarding flu, but after that  they crossed the line( reporting every single death, and just single case it was due to swine flu) .  Now situation becomes that city is partially closed for 2 weeks.  No movies, No schools/colleges.. and for me No Gym 😦

Anyways.. I hope situation become normal soon and Punekers get back to normal life again 🙂

Missing Saturday!!


Today I had a funny experience of missing Saturday. I am in Taipei these days at my office head office. It was a working day today, as it was adjusted last week(holiday on Friday) for long weekend, but I was not aware of this. 

Today morning I went to office around 10:30 AM, thinking will finish my pending work without any disturbace of meeting and all. But when I reached my office I found office was already open and everyone was in place and working. I was totaly confused and thought I must be misteking and today is friday :p . Now before I could have started my machine, Alex came and told me everybody is waiting for me for meeting :O . I was still in confused state and directly went to meeting room. During meeting also in back of my mind, I was thinking if its Friday or Saturday.. but I was then kind of assured that I must have misteken and its Friday only.

After meeting when I logged in into my machine and saw the day then realized ohh its Saturday :P..

Cloud Computing


Today after opening my inbox, I saw a query regarding Cloud Computing. I found a nice video explaing Cloud Computing ancd would like to share with everyone.