Law of Attraction


Have came across such situation.. that after you brought something new and you may find same thing is with many people in your surrounding. e.g. you purchased a watch /pen/car etc of some XXX brand.. and when you went to office you started realizing same watch is with few of your colleague!!!.

Well its not that it was not there before! its just you have not noticed that. Agreed? Our brain is like that.. Whatever we think or is going in mind, our brain start filtering data on basis of the same. Some thing like data-mining.

It is known as Law of Attraction. Well may of you may start goggling  on ‘Law of Attraction’. It states “you get what you think about”. Though it is a religious faith but, I think above theory gives it scientific proof.

If someone thinks, he has to achieve something, and he keeps that in his mind always.. Obviously he will start working towards it.and eventually will achieve that.

Now may of you will say, if so why people fails to achieve  there goles… hummm now it comes here distraction.. 😀 Remember  whenever we see think we will do exercise everyday and will make body like salman bhai :p. We ever bring new shoes, gym gears, tracksuit etc.. and enroll to cities posh GYM( esp. example for software engineers ) But after few days.. ” yaar  subah subah gym.. shaam ko jate hai na!!”… After few days more.. ” yaar yea gym jaa ke kuch nahi hota, we should join dance classes ”

Well at first we were determined. We were focused and goal was in mind so we enroll to GYM, purchased things. after few days Morning sleep suppressed the goal in Mind. and thats it…

So ‘Law of attraction’ hold it, but there is another law , ‘Law of Distraction’ 😀


5 thoughts on “Law of Attraction

  1. Preeti

    wow…..this is a nice article……..and quite realistic……nice research. i think in my case also law of distraction is prominent…..esply whn it comes to gyming 🙂

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