First mark of ProSUN baby :)


You must be wondering who is proSUN baby :). Well let me introduce it with you.

It is a RAID Controller card (SCSI-SCSI & SCSI-SATA)*, which you can see soon in storage market. A product developed & owned by Proware Tech. Corp.

Seen lot of up and downs over the span of more then two years of product development cycle, But today finally proSUN 1.0 is released :). Kudos to Team Proware ! Yes we did it πŸ˜€

Thanks to Johri for bringing me into Proware team. I really feel gr8 to work with such team and on such product. It is really crazy, bunch of engineers chasing a dream and today the dream came true :).

This product is special for me, since this is my first product on which I started working since its inception (you can ask for my resume to know what other product I have developed πŸ˜‰ ), that too at this stage of my career . Also I have added a significant amount of code which is part of core in product. I really feel proud on it πŸ™‚

The whole product is developed in house, i.e. Right from designing to development of hardware and software both from scratch and believe me developing such product (read RAID Controller where development of hardware and software is involved) is not everybody’s(read every company’s) cup of tea.

Well I wont be writing the feature set or any performance no here.. it will be soon available in press release on my company website, as we do official release in 2-3 days. So stay tuned to know more about it.

I would like end this blog with johri’s saying “Good day to be alive”.


* A lot of more combination will be released in few months.


10 thoughts on “First mark of ProSUN baby :)

  1. Dheeraj Rai

    Great Work Dear!!

    Aakhir tum Success ho hi gaye………
    Ab jaldi se wapas aao aur hum sab logo ko party do …….


  2. Assir

    I couldn’t understand what you mentioned above but this much I can realize that something worth mentioning and being proud of is been done by you.
    I never doubted you capabilities since I met you but this step has proven to others also that, KK is a gem and I’m proud to be his friend.
    Congratulation and wish you achieve more & more heights.

  3. Congratulations Kunal!! and truely this is a great achievement.. and the kind of work you have done.. I am sure its very difficult to get that kind of exposure especially anywhere in India.

    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

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