Going WiFi..


I recently purchased D-Link WIFI Router (DI-524) for my home. I always hate wires running all over my house. Thanks to mobile and Wireless technology, It made life much easier.

Some Past facts

Since last half decade Internet has seen huge growth in India and worldwide. I remember when I started using Internet at home, at the time of my bachelors using dial-up, even speed of (which was very rare to get )10Kbps was gr8 :P. Well that was the time when broadband was very much limited to Corporate sector. Two years later cybercafe with broadband connections was becoming common in most of the upcoming cities. later with Cellular boom communication mode in India was totally changed. Internet was accessible from mobile phones and now a days mobile phones are more smarter and powerful then my first desktop machine :).

This summer, I was in my village(somewhere in Bihar) and I was booking my return tickets over Internet sitting at machan in my mango garden with help of my (mobile and notebook) Ahh!! that’s life man..:) I wish one day ,I could setup my office there 😀

WIFI Technology

WIFI has seen growth in last couple of years, Nowadays apart from corporate sector it can be seen in public places like Airports, shopping malls, coffee shops and of course Universities.

WIFI Technology is cellular computer network that transmits and receives data with radio signals instead of wires. To use this one needs a WIFI adapter card, nowadays most of laptop readily comes with that. For desktop you can buy USB or card adaptor.

WIFI is basically based on 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g. In India ( b and g ) network is available these days. The DI-524 Wireless Broadband Router utilizes the new 802.11g standard. The IEEE 802.11g standard is an extension of the 802.11b standard. It increases the data rate up to 54 Mbps within the 2.4GHz band, utilizing OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) technology.OFDM works by splitting the radio signal into multiple smaller sub-signals that are then transmitted simultaneously at different frequencies to the receiver. OFDM reduces the amount of crosstalk (interference) in signal transmissions.

The DI-524 is backwards compatible with 802.11b devices. This means that if you have
an existing 802.11b network, the devices in that network will be compatible with 802.11g devices at speeds of up to 11Mbps in the 2.4GHz range.

WIFI and security issues.

Security is one of the most important issue with this technology, though lot of solutions are also available. Countries esp. like India where still cyber laws are not too strong, Its better one should take precautions by themselves.

Your network is accessible by everybody within the range of device. Its duty of owner to protect it from unauthorized access, else you may end up paying huge Subscription fees for the bandwidth which you have never used 🙂 or even worse you might be sharing you important personal detail like bank account info, your pictures to wrong peoples.

This router comes with WEP ,802.1X and WPA-PSK and WPA security options. Though I will personally recommend WPA.

WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) authorizes and identifies users based on a secret key
that changes automatically at a regular interval. WPA uses TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) to change the temporal key every 10,000 packets (a packet is a kind of message transmitted over a network.) This insures much greater security than the standard WEP security. (By contrast, the older WEP encryption required the keys to be changed manually.)

So be alert and stay secured. Happy surfing 🙂


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