Indian software engineers obsessed with US tag


I have been talking and interacting with many software engineers (Senior guys) in recent days. Actually looking for few good engineers who can start working on new product line and build there team for the product(Absolutely great work profile for a senior engineer and that too product like implementing a highly scalable and high performance snapshot for NAS box ) .

When I explain the job profile, most of them gets exited (of course whosoever loves working on technology and have passion for product development wont like to miss such opportunities) . But! when they know its _not_ US/Europe based company, there half of enthu is lost :-O.. I am really shocked!!

I don’t understand why Indian engineers are so much obsessed with ‘US’ tag? Hardly any US based company develop there core technology @ there ODC/IDC.. forget about outsourcing such work!. It makes sense also.. In US there are resources available(though Indians contribute there also in major chunk) who can actually develop and they can keep there technology more safer(attrition rate is low, better IP laws) and better quality of engineers(India don’t have much resource which fits for product R&D).

But hey.. there is world/market beyond US!!Take a look at Asian market… Japan, Korea, Taiwan.. all have already made there mark in Electronics market. Economically these countries are doing great. But unlike US/Europe these counties don’t have good quality of software engineers. Again if Companies are product based they wont like to outsource there core technology.. hence they are opening there development centers in India/China.

Here its really good chance of being part of great products and work on some really good technology and R&D work (esp. for people who don’t want to leave India and want to work on core technologies!!)

Of course if VC’s funds and Indians start there own product development, it will be really great.. but still area where both hardware and software development is required.. Indian market is not yet developed much.. I think its high time Indians should start thinking beyond US and make them selfs independent of any single market..


One thought on “Indian software engineers obsessed with US tag

  1. Great article KK!
    I agree with all of your points. You seem to be going on the Joel’s (‘joelonsoftware’ fame) way of promoting your company through your blog:)

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