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Its been long time, since I have not updated my blog. Though I had lot of stuff to write but my work and other activities has kept me away from updating my blog. Anyways.. I hope from now I will keep updating my blog on time.

I would like to share few things I did in last in last 6 months.

– Worked on raid6 implementation for our RAID Controller proSUN™. I got some good exposer on IOP331 for implementation of XOR engine for raid6. With raid6 we also successfully released proSUN™ 1.1

– Went for hiking in North-east Taiwan placed called Tsaoling along with my Taiwanese friends. You can find few pics here . It was really nice place with lot of natural fountains. We walked almost for more then 16 Kms. The path of trek was along with Pacific ocean, so the landscape views were amazing.

– Proware IDC made finally its presence on web. We build our website , though very simple yet, we will add more information in coming days. Thanks to IDC team and my friend Dheeraj Rai a.k.a Rai for their sincere help.

– Read few good books like Good to Great, iWoz, Future of Management and Founders at Work. You can visit my book shelf .

– Apart from work, I am also exploring Flex and its capabilities to power our( Paresh, Dheeraj and Me) few ideas and convert into something fruitful. You will read more about it more in coming days.

– Also studying Xen and would like to explore its capabilities along with my few office friends. Again in coming days you will read more about it in my blogs. Also we may like to engage few BE project students on such ideas. So I plan to start guiding projects students from this year.

Apart from all I missed few marriage’s of my very good friends :(. This week though I finally attended Sujay’s marriage. Spent two days in Nasik and did lot of photography :).

Thats all.. for last 6 months, See you in next blog.



One thought on “Back to blogging

  1. I am currently reading Founders at work and loving it! Interesting some of the stuff I did at work involved Flex and it’s pretty good I will say. Keep writing.


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