My film making experience


This weekend I attended two day workshop on film making organized by MovieMechanix. It was a wonderful experience, though in very short time, They told us all basics and do’s and dont’s for movie making. As a spectator I never thought about details of film making, but after attending workshop I got clear picture, How many things and stages are required in Film Making. So many thing needs to be planned.

Even the worst movie we had watched so far, it had also required too many efforts 😛

Film making can be broadly classified into three stages.

1. Pre-Production: It involves script writing, Direction ( Director interpretation of script, selecting actors, rehearsals, Visual and sound choices.

2. Production :It Involves use of camera (angle, movement, lenses, camera position, lightning etc) , Art Direction, choosing Actors and make them act according to script :).

Using camera is very tactful and it one of more effective tool which gives meaning of a shot.

3. Post Production : Most time consuming part 😛 Editing and adding sounds. While editing one gives final touches to film and makes it watchable.

As for my first film making exp, I had only 1 evening( 2-3 hours) to think for story, script and to shoot i.e. the pre-production and production. Half day for editing. Anyhow late in evening I decided to make film on exams. So I caught Sonu ( My brother) and started discussing about story( just came in my mind while discussing, what should be story). As the restriction of 2 minutes for length of movie, I thought depicting a small dream of day before exam will fit best, So I explained him the story, and we started shoot by 8 PM. Dialogs we decided as the shoot goes :P. Took may retakes and did few rehearsals.

Finally, by 9 I was able to complete my shoot, and in morning I stated the editing part. completed my first short film of 2 minutes by 12 in noon :). Though the final product was not gr8 but still thinking of first film making experience and in such short time, its not bad :).


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