Missing Saturday!!


Today I had a funny experience of missing Saturday. I am in Taipei these days at my office head office. It was a working day today, as it was adjusted last week(holiday on Friday) for long weekend, but I was not aware of this. 

Today morning I went to office around 10:30 AM, thinking will finish my pending work without any disturbace of meeting and all. But when I reached my office I found office was already open and everyone was in place and working. I was totaly confused and thought I must be misteking and today is friday :p . Now before I could have started my machine, Alex came and told me everybody is waiting for me for meeting :O . I was still in confused state and directly went to meeting room. During meeting also in back of my mind, I was thinking if its Friday or Saturday.. but I was then kind of assured that I must have misteken and its Friday only.

After meeting when I logged in into my machine and saw the day then realized ohh its Saturday :P..


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